Nino Coco
The power of color
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2015 - Festival of Art and friendship Italy - Uzbekistan, August 14 - September 2,
        Palazzo dei Consoli (Arconi hall), Gubbio (Italy)
       - Participation in the VI Biennial of Art in Genoa, July 4 to 18, Genoa (Italy)
       - "RIVERBERIeVERBI" Collective exhibition of art "SpazioVitale", April 25 - May 12, Catania (Italy)
2014- Finalist at the MAEC Art EXPO 2014 International Contemporary Art Competition,
         April 19 - May 3, Milan (Italy)
       - "Venti d'arte" - Contemporary Art exhibition - MAEC - Milan Art & Events Center,
         February 15 - March 1, Milan (Italy)
       - "Venti d'arte" - Contemporary Art exhibition - Satura Art Gallery, February 8 to 22, Genoa (Italy)
       - Participation in the "Step Art Fair" - Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan (Italy)
       - Participation in the "Fuorisalone al MAEC" exhibition - Design and Contemporary Art exhibition,
         Milan Art & Events Center, Milan (Italy)
2013- Participation in the V Biennial of Art in Genoa, June 15 - July 6, Genoa (Italy)
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       - Personal exhibition of paintings and sculptures - Panorama of Visual Arts - Ideal Florence
         Tuscan Culture, May 20 - June 3, Florence (Italy)
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       - Volterra in the frame 2013 - Palazzo dei Priori - Tuscan Culture, April 25 - May 1,
         Volterra (Italy)
       - Participation in the exhibition of femininity and seduction "Madamina, … il Catalogo è questo!",
         Spazio Arte Castello, Donna Sommelier Europa Association, March 6 to 23, Turin (Italy)
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       - 1st International Biennial of Arts in Palermo, Villa Malfitano Whitaker,
         January 8 to February 3, Palermo (Italy)
2012- Personal exhibition of paintings and sculptures, Platamone's Palace - Palace of Colture,
         December 08 to 30, Catania (Italy)
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       - 8th edition of AgrigentoArte - "Signs of Time 2012", October 05 to 07, Agrigento (Italy)
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       - Personal exhibition of paintings and sculptures - Chiaramontano's clastle,
         September 01 to 30, Racalmuto, Arigento (Italy) (town which gave origin to
         Leonardo Sciascia)
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       - International Exhibitions of Visual Art "Apocalypse Day 2012-Maya Prophecy",
         Montegrotto Terme's Palaturismo, Padua, Italy - "Albatros" Gallery, Rome, Italy -
         Faggiano Museum, Lecce,
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       - Finalist at the "Florence Shanghai Prize 2012-2013" - Present Contemporary Art, Florence, (Italy)
       - Collective exhibition of art "Palazzo Stella", Genoa (Italy)
       - Finalist at the "National Contest of Contemporary Art" Satura Art 2012 ", Genoa (Italy)
       - Participation in the 8th edition of Arte Fiera Genoa, Genoa (Italy)
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       - 4th edition of the Present'Art Festival 2012 - Shanghai Pudong National Library, Shanghai
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       - 8th edition of ARTEGENOVA, Modern and Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition,
         February 24 to 27, Genoa (Italy)
2011- Personal exhibition "In the bowels of the volcano Etna" - "Nodo di Gordio" Gallery, Pisa (Italy)
       - National Competition of Contemporary Art Satura Arte 2011, Genoa (Italy)
       - Collective exhibition of art - Tavern of the Artists, Florence (Italy)
2010- Personal exhibition of paintings "Tribute to the woman" - Museum of the lava, Viagrande (Italy)
2006- 1th Art exhibition "City of Viagrande", Viagrande (Italy)
       - "In the garden of Jericho" - Marco Montalbano Foundation, Viagrande (Italy)
       - Personal exhibition of paintings "Individual Art", Catania (Italy)
1995- Collective exhibition of art "I Viagrandesi", Viagrande (Italy)
1994- Personal exhibition of paintings - Palazzo di Città, Acireale (Italy)
1993- "With a drop of color" - House of Nazareth, Viagrande (Italy)
1992- Milan fair - Palazzo Cisi: "Earth and fire of Etna", Milan (Italy)
1991- "Art for life" - Palazzo di Città, Acireale (Italy)
1986- Graphics exhibition - Chiostro di San Francesco, Trecastagni (Italy)
       - "Christmas with the Artists" - Institute for Culture and Art, Catania (Italy)
       - Collective exhibition of art, Viagrande (Italy)
1985- Exhibition of art - Institute for Culture and Art, Catania (Italy)
       - "Young graphic" - former Franciscan Monastery, Trecastagni (Italy)
       - 3rd International exhibition of Graphics sponsored by INCA, Catania (Italy)
       - "Grafica 85" - former Franciscan Monastery, Trecastagni (Italy)
       - "Viagrandese summer", Viagrande (Italy)
       - Exhibitoin of Painting and Sculpture - Villa Mirone's park, Viagrande (Italy)
       - Collective exhibition of art, Grammichele (Italy)
1981- Catanese artistic May, Catania (Italy)
       - 1st National Art Exhibition "Lombardy", Giarre (Italy)
       - "The woman, the maternity" - Neptune Hotel, Catania (Italy)
       - 3rd Collective exhibition of art "Dante Cerquetti" (E.N.D.A.S.), Catania (Italy)
       - "September in Viagrande", Viagrande (Italy)
       - Nazional award "Art Sea" - Merchant Navy Officer Circle, Riposto (Italy)