Nino Coco
The power of color
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Nino Coco was born in Viagrande (Italy) in 1947. He attain his studies at the School of Art in Catania and then attend the Academy of Fine Arts.
Since childhood the interest in drawing and painting is important. Undertaken studies on art, he starts the research and the production in the field of painting. He moves in Veneto in 1974 where he teaches Art and Image in the Secondary Schools first in Asiago, then in Vicenza. There he collaborates with goldsmiths in designing jewelry.
He is busy with the art and interacts with the artistic realities of the place, attending exhibitions and cultural initiatives such as those organized by the "Bridge Gallery" in Vicenza, conducted by Mario Albanian, frequenting artists like Neri Pozza and Tono Zancanaro. Contacts with the Venetian culture were favorable to his artistic maturity. The light and soft colors of the Venetian countryside have been his means of study, creating ambiance found in works of this period. The return to the homeland brings to the artistic metamorphose: the strong Mediterranean light helps to release his palette from light colors to replace them with strong and vibrant colors with which it resumes his infinite "visit to the woman," the fundamental and recurring theme in Nino's artistic creations.
Parallel to the production of paintings of this period, he develops an interest in working with the terracotta with which pursues a stylistic and formal research modeling female bodies, some static, some in motion: "
... with his arms and hands outstretched toward the sky as reach distant worlds". And yet, the spirit of research and the need to experience brings him to "merge" the terracotta to the Etna lava stone.
Currently he lives in Viagrande where he plays an incessant artistic activity. His works are in public and private collections in Italy and abroad, as United States, Switzerland and Spain.